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Auto translation, depending on glossary database, it is located at Template:tr/db-<langcode> (e.g. Template:tr/db-it for Italian, Template:tr/db-hu for Hungarian).

Usage[править код]

Auto determine the language(by page url): {{tr|<english>}}

Explicitly specify language: {{tr|lang=<langcode>|<english>}}

You will get the corresponding translation. If there is no entity for the input in glossary, you will get the original input text.

For example:
{{tr|lang=en|Gold Watch}}: Gold Watch
{{tr|lang=it|Molten Hamaxe}}: Шаблон:Tr/db-itMolten Hamaxe
{{tr|lang=it|Dirt Wings}}: Шаблон:Tr/db-itDirt Wings

get pagename for target language: {{tr|<english>|link=y}}

For example:
{{tr|lang=en|Gold Watch|link=y}}: Gold Watch
{{tr|lang=it|Molten Hamaxe|link=y}}: Шаблон:Tr/db-itMolten Hamaxe/it

NOTE: Based on performance considerations, input text is case sensitive and white space sensitive, so be careful about that. For example: {{tr|lang=it|Molten Hamaxe}}: Шаблон:Tr/db-itMolten Hamaxe {{tr|lang=it|Molten hamaxe}}: Шаблон:Tr/db-itMolten hamaxe {{tr|lang=it| Molten Hamaxe }}: Шаблон:Tr/db-itMolten Hamaxe {{tr|lang=it|Molten Hamaxe}}: Шаблон:Tr/db-itMolten Hamaxe